Click on the BREAKFAST or LUNCH  link to view menu options:



We do our very best to accommodate special dietary needs. For instance, gluten free bread is available upon request. Just don’t hesitate to ask – enjoying your dining experience is our top priority.

Here’s a sample of what Stella’s talented chef  has in store for you …

     Photo: Spinach Salad topped with Bacon, Mushrooms, Egg & Baksamic Vinaigrette    




5 responses to “Menu

  1. Missy

    The dinners that started in May are worth the trip. Excellent food and the best wait staff. It’s a great way to spend Friday or Saturday dinner and don’t forget the excellent desserts. Of course, Breakfast is exceptional too!!

  2. Donna

    Absolutely the most amazing sticky buns. The best I’ve EVER tasted. They’re so good that I have trouble sharing…

  3. Julie damarodis

    Delicious lunch today! Beautiful place. 🙂

  4. Chuck

    One word…Amazing coffee!…okay that’s two words, but you get it! The best coffee, ya got to love Tiki, great breakfast food and if Guido is making garlic soup…it’s to die for!

  5. Stella’s is wonderful, and Guido rocks! Thanks for giving Sellersville another great place to sit and enjoy good food.

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